The Human Spaceflight Capitalisation Office



The UK is the most recent, and last of the G7 nations to participate in human spaceflight (HSF). To enable us to contribute to international human spaceflight ventures in a manner that augments current activity, the UK will need to be efficient and effective in its endeavours. This will require harnessing the enterprise of UK space related communities and assets. Consequently, we must efficiently develop and capitalise on our embryonic human spaceflight activities.

The Human Spaceflight Capitalisation Office (HuSCO) has been established at Harwell, building on collaborative, grassroots activities related to HSF over the last 20 years. The essence of the Office is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of community based HSF-related activities in the UK, to enable us to more easily overcome the inertia resulting from half a century of inactivity.

HUSCO will therefore provide a service to enable these efficiencies, coordinate strategic community efforts and as an independent body representing academic and trade interests, to maintain appropriate liaison with Government agencies. As such, the Human Spaceflight Capitalisation Office will provide an augmented ability at the grassroots level for C4 – Communication, Coordination, Collaboration and Capitalisation – for the benefit of the space sector in the UK.